limited edition and unique contemporary sculpture by Helen Sinclair

Our Artists

Helen Sinclair

Helen Sinclair was born in 1954 in South Wales. She studied sculpture under the late Peter Startup at Wimbledon School of Art (1972 – 1976) where she met and married fellow sculpture student, Terry Ryall. After teaching for twelve years, she has been a full-time, self-employed sculptor since 1988. She exhibits widely throughout England and Wales and has work in private collections in Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, America, Australia and New Zealand.

Terry Ryall

Terry Ryall teaches art and sculpture to the visually impaired two days a week. The rest of his week he divides between making his own sculpture and working for Sculpture Culture. Go to Terry’s website for a look at his work.

Gary Ley

Gary Ley was born in 1956 in Swansea. A geography graduate with an early career in teaching and lecturing, he set up Sculpture Culture with Helen in 1988 and now works full-time as her technician. Together they make all their own moulds and do all Helen’s resin casting and finishing. Gary is also a traveller, poet and novelist. They work from the outbuildings of Helen and Terry’s eighteenth century farmhouse home and Gary lives in another old farmhouse next door.

Gary’s first novel: Taking Ronnie to the Pictures
Gary’s second novel: Strange Tunnels Disappearing (buy at