limited edition and unique contemporary sculpture by Helen Sinclair


SCULPTURE CULTURE produces limited edition and unique contemporary sculpture, all made originally by Helen Sinclair. Based at the end of the Gower Peninsula in South Wales, the company is comprised of Helen Sinclair (sculptor) and Gary Ley (technician).

B4: Bright Lights Tonight

New Website

From April 2012  . . . . . . . will present the new and recent sculpture by Helen Sinclair and current exhibiting information.

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Chelsea Flower Show

Come and see Helen’s sculpture on stand RGB/2 at the Chelsea Flower Show.  Helen’s stand for 2012 is being designed and built by Will Durkan, working with and on behalf of the charity MIND.

Brecon Cathedral Crucifix

Just in time for Easter  . . . . .

Helen’s bronze crucifix, commissioned by private client Anthony Bunker to celebrate his wife’s ordination, has been hung in Brecon Cathedral.  Cast from wood collected on Gower beaches by Helen, the crucifix is about 2metres tall and hangs about 4metres above the nave.  It replaces a gold crucifix that hung in the cathedral 500 years ago and was the subject of pilgrimage until it was destroyed on the orders of Henry V111th.  Anthony Bunker’s crucifix is on loan to Brecon Cathedral until July 2012.

Marie Curie

Helen recently won a commission to make sculpture for Marie Curie for a new hospice currently under construction in Solihull.  The sculpture is on the theme of The Four Seasons.  It will be bronze (cast from wood), about 3 metres tall and will stand at the front entrance at the top of the drive.  It is due to be installed in November 2012.

A note from Helen

Please note that the prices (and availability) listed on this site are the only reliable ones for my sculpture and that the galleries/agents listed on my exhibitions page are the only people authorised to sell my sculpture.  It has been drawn to my attention that my sculpture is being offered for sale on the internet by companies that I have never heard of (who do not have any of my work to sell and would have to get them from me should they find a buyer).  Many of the pieces are being offered for prices far lower than my current price list but please be aware that the would-be sellers cannot supply the work.